Get A Jump Start On 2017!
Not ready to commit to gym? Don't have time to hire an in person coach? But you still desire to lose weight?
 I have developed the perfect program for YOU. It allows you to get private coaching from your computer and comes with a cleanse and meal plan that you can easily follow to lose the weight and burn the body fat that you desire!
 100% Secure. We never share your information :) 
 Are you nervous to get a trainer or join a workout class? However, you are tired of having low energy, having to change outfits three times before you leave the house, and are sick and tired of not feeling like the TRUE YOU?
 Well this beginners coaching program is perfect for you. It is completely online and focuses solely on perfecting your goals and actions. As well as achieving a complete metabolism reset that will allow you to burn body fat like when you were 20 years old.

It took me a long time to crack the answer to weight loss success. I would see some clients would lose weight fast and others did not. 

Finally when I took on Kelli as a client I found the answer. It was through a new goal setting and action steps technique that her results came fast and she grew better every single day without dreading the work. Check out her progress to the right! I want to share with you the secrets to success that I discovered with her.

The best part is it is easy to get started. You will have complete access to the secrets that will get you results fast!

By working on yourself for 21 days straight you will notice that time flys by and success comes faster and faster than ever.
Imagine. A new you. A better you. Become the person who you truly are and invest time into yourself. Work on your goals and nutrition and you will find new energy, lower weight, less body fat, and most importantly a happier you.
I do not want to put the focus on me. However, it is important that you know who I am. My name is Josh Ponton. My members call me Coach J. And I am the owner of Renegade Boot Camps. I believe that it is my mission to help YOU find your WHY. To help you get what you deserve. Which is a healthier, happier, and more successful life. 
-Increased energy
-Loss in body fat
- Weight loss during the holidays
-New found motivation
-A burning desire to get better and stay better
What You Get
-14 day cleanse/ nutrition program  
-unlimited quick and fun workouts
-quick and easy coaching program that is delievered to your email ever day
-expert coaching from a weight loss expert
-continued assistance throughout the holidays
An online program like this usually sells for $199. Today, if you are one of the first 30 downloads, you will get this product for only $21. 

Why am I doing this? Because I trust that if you get results you will email me your testimonials! I want to hear and share how this program has helped you! 
For the First 30 Downloads
  • 7 Day Cleanse
  • 14 Day Nutrition Plan 
  • 21 Days of video Coaching 
  • 3 workouts per week

 After the first 30 downloads this program will go back up to its original price of $199.

You literally have nothing to lose except file space! So act now on this offer. Something like this does not come around twice. I want to help you change your life, but you must take the action! Ask yourself, why not get committed now? What did last year look like for you? Did you lose weight  or gain weight? Did you get better or worse? Make a change now and get better today!

Hear From My Actual In Person Clients! 
Jessica's Story
Amy's Story
Cindy's Story
Frequently Asked Questions
I don't have time does this work for me? 
Yes! The program is completely online so you can work on it and yourself whenever it best suits you! 
Is it worth it?
You literally have nothing to lose if you are one of the first 30 downloads. The program is completely only $21! 
Why Is it only $21? 
I am hoping that if I allow you to test my new product, then in return you will share with me your amazing testimonials and results! 
What Are The Coaching Videos?
Every day you will log in to your online account and watch a daily coaching video and action step. These videos will require you to truly focus on your weight loss goal and create a plan to achieve it!  
If you have any other questions you can reach us at:
(469) 444-0450
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